Fall into Reading 2012 - Wrap up post

I realize that this is late, but with the Christmas season, I got a bit lazy about a month prior to Christmas and with me traveling around the end of fall and the beginning of winter, it was just a little more hectic than usual.

As I look at the books I wanted to complete during this year's  Fall into Reading, I realize that I completed every single one of them.  Of course it helped that two of them were for my book club and one was for a readalong, but nonetheless, I was able to finish all of them this time around.

I even finished one of the books that was on my probable list as well, Taming of the Shrew, and read a number of books that weren't on the list of three and ended up finishing Les Miserables a few days after Fall into Reading 2012 finished (I went to the movie opening day).  I am looking forward to Spring Reading Thing 2013.


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