Sunday Salon - Summer is here...finally

This past week, summer decided to make an appearance.  For those of you who live or have family in the Vancouver or Seattle area, you know what I mean.  After about a month of rather dreary weather (the sun did make an appearance at times, but not as much as it should have), it is finally nice to have some really great weather.  Of course there have been times in which we have had stretches of really nice weather during this past spring, but it just seemed to be rather gray and rainy for most of it.  And as I reflect on the spring, there didn't seem to be as much rain as I thought there was.  Sure we had stretches in which there wasn't much sun, but there were also stretches in which there were just gray skies, with the sun occasionally making an appearance.

But I am just glad that the sun and the warm weather has made an appearance and it looks like its going to be that way for the foreseeable future.

As for today, I am looking forward to a relative quiet day, after spending Friday in Vancouver for the afternoon and yesterday afternoon with family.  Due to the time out here at the moment (it's about 10 min to 9), I am considering finishing off the Federer/Murray match as much as possible before heading to church.  As for the afternoon, I am thinking of going to the store to get a few things for the next day sometime this afternoon and then do some reading for the evening (or I may reverse it, depending on how I feel).

I managed to finish two books this week and I am hoping to finish a few more before the week is out.  With these two books, I am about 11 books off my goal for the year, and we are just barely half-way through the year, but things can change and the fall may not be as productive reading wise as winter and spring were.  I also finished the Historical Reading Challenge for this year and even though I have finished it, I will continue to read historical fiction books.

Hope you all have a pleasant Sunday (or Monday) :)

1) A Promise to Call My Own (review)
2) I Am Forbidden (review)


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