Mailbox Monday - July 9

Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their homes during the past week. Mailbox Monday, for July, is being hosted by Mrs. Q: Book Addict.

Went to Vancouver for the afternoon on Friday and like most of my trips to Vancouver I can't resist going into the Chapters store on Robson Street, which three stories full of books and bookish type items and is my favourite store, despite that its a chain store.  But I like the space that I can browse and it has excellent lighting and is serviced by a Starbucks on the main floor.  Long story short, I usually come out of the store with a book or two (I think once I have come without a book purchase), as the selection that they hold is one of the best in the region and being that they are in a major centre one would think that would be the case.

Anyways, after some indecision on the second book that I wanted to purchase (one I had on my Pinterest, which was great, because I would have forgotten what I wanted to purchase), I settled on these two:

The second one, The Somnambulist, I had heard about through Gavin and Simon of The Readers on Episode 19 and was intrigued.  The Lady of the Rivers I have been wanting to read for some time and am looking forward to the culmination of the series, which I think has to do with the merging of the Houses of York and Lancaster to for the House of Tudor.

Thank you for dropping by and have a good Monday.


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