Sunday Salon - Keep rolling along...

Wow, what a difference.  I am continually amazed at how much I am now able to get myself to read at the moment.  Its like I have hit a burst and am loving reading again.  I think part of its that I have books that I do need to read under control (or at least the schedules of those books somewhat under control) and its also because I am finally getting used to a schedule that I am not used to.  And I am finally getting the books and materials that I have checked out from the library under control and know which ones I am going to want to read and not expecting myself to read everything that I have on my shelf.  I also think its partly due to the fact that I know summer is coming closer and I know what my schedule is going to be like and therefore I can plan what I allow myself to get from the library and which materials I am going to suspend (or letting myself to do such a thing).

Maybe I think that part of the fact that I felt that I couldn't get anything done is that I felt overwhelmed and also part of the fact that I was depressed and anxious.  And when I am feeling like that, I generally can't get myself to do much, including reading.  I suppose also being away last weekend for the Victoria Day long weekend (Canada's unofficial start to summer, even if it may be about 10°C and raining out here on the west coast) helped.

Hope that my American followers are having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend and those elsewhere are just having a relaxing weekend or had a relaxing weekend.

Reviews :
1) Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare (review)
2) Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close (review)


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