Saturday Snapshot (May 26)

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Because it was the long weekend here in Canada last weekend (Victoria Day), I went to spend sometime at my parents place near Kamloops, BC at a ski resort called Sun Peaks.  Its a nice little place that fills up with tourists from around the world during the winter and summer months (there are a lot of Germans who come for the ski season due to a German hotel chain having a hotel there).  Its filled with fun shops and lots of places to have coffee.  The nice thing about the place is that there are no big chain stores in the area (that means no Tim Hortons (if you are Canadian or spend time in Canada, you know what I mean) or Starbucks or the like, but they do have a couple of stores that have locations in Kamloops), but they do have a Delta hotel and a number of other chain hotels in the centre of town, along with the numerous townhouses and homes that are available to rent (sadly, my parents place is no longer available for rentals).  The time between the end of the ski season in April and the end of June is the shoulder season for a lot of the employees and a lot of the shops are closed until then.  There are walking trails around the village and in the summer months, you can go on the chair lift to do some hiking. There is also a pool for kids in the afternoon and an ice cream shop.  They also have a farmer's market on Sundays, which one can get fresh fruits and veggies during the summer months and due to the location, we often can get stuff from the Okanagan (usually cherries and peaches) in the last few weeks and also fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries) from the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.   It really is a relaxing place to be during the year.

 After visiting my parents and helping them set up the income suite, I came back home and look forward to the summer months that I will be there.  

Have a great weekend.


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