Girls in White Dresses - Jennifer Close

Title: Girls in White Dresses
Author: Jennifer Close
File size (pages): 2206 KB (304)
Published: 2011
Challenges: 2012 Support Your Library
Genre: Chick lit
Edition: E-book
Source: Library

Description: Isabella, Mary and Lauren's friend Kristi is engaged and they are all bridesmaids. Despite being happy for their friend, by the sixth shower they are really sick of celebrating her. Saturday after Saturday they coo over toaster ovens and deep fat fryers. They collect wrapping paper and ribbons, tying them to paper plates. But beneath the toasting and clapping, we see these women struggling amid the celebration. Isabella dreams of quitting her job at a mailing list company, where she's both extremely successful and wildly unhappy. Mary falls deeply in love, realizing too late that her new mother-in-law is really her husband's favorite. And Lauren, single and adrift, finds herself drawn to a man she's pretty sure she hates. (via British Columbia Libraries)

Thoughts: I had a really tough time to even like this one.  I can understand the premise of the book, but honestly it didn't quite grip me in the way that I thought it would.  I kept anticipating something that wasn't there, at least from what I was given from the description.  Hence, why it was a difficult book for me to get through and I almost quit the book near to the beginning, but I kept reading hoping that I would get what I had hoped for, which I didn't.  Maybe whoever did the blurb for the book should have actually read the book before describing it, because basically it describes one of the chapters later on in the book, but doesn't really describe the book and is misleading to any potential readers.

I found the book to drag, even though the first chapter was quite good and really hooked me, and hence took me a while to read it.  I also found the characters to be rather self-absorbed and lacking any sort of depth and they never really changed, if at all.

Bottom line: Its a book that can either be read very quickly or can be one that drags, depending on how quickly you get into the story and are able to read it and if you enjoy this type of literature.

Rating: 1/5

Pages for 2012: 9804


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