2011 Support Your Local Library Challenge

1. Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate. Click HERE to sign up.

--Non-Bloggers: Post your list of books in the comment section of the wrap-up post.

2. There are four levels to this challenge...Pick your poison:

--The Mini – Check out and read 30 library books.

--"Fun" Size – Check out and read 40 library books.

--Jumbo Size – Check out and read 50 library books.

--Mega Size – Check out and read 51+ library books.
(Aim high. As long as you read 30 by the end of 2011, you are a winner.)

3. Audio, Re-reads, eBooks, YA, Young Reader – basically any book counts just as long as it is checked out from the library. Books MUST be checked out like with a library card, books purchased at a library DO NOT count.

4. No need to list your books in advance. You may select books as you go. Even if you list them now, you can change the list if needed.

5. Crossovers from other reading challenges count.

6. Challenge begins January 1st 2011 and goes thru December 31 2011.

Will do the Mini Size to start with.

Here is my list:
1.  The Warmth of Other Suns
2.  Room
3.  Unbroken : a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption
4.  A Visit from the Goon Squad 
5.  Dawn's Prelude 
6.  Juliet: a novel 
7.  The King's Speech
8.  Cleopatra: A Life
9.  The Swan Maiden 
10.  A Promise to Believe In 
11.  Blood, Bones, & Butter 
12.  Deja Dead 
13.  Morning's Refrain 
14. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 
15. Twilight's Serenade 
16. House Arrest
17. The Tea Rose
18.  A Love to Last Forever
19.  The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady
20.  A Great and Terrible Beauty 
21.  Sing You Home
22.  The American Heiress
23.  The Winter Rose 
24.  True Grit 
25.  Moneyball 
26.  The Night Circus 
27.  Captivity
28.  Frankenstein 
29.  Rebel Angels
30.  The Wild Rose 
31.  The Christmas Scrapbook : a Harmony story 
32.  Lost December 
33.  The Quiet Little Woman
34.  The Christmas Wedding


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