House Arrest - Ellen Meeropol

Title: House Arrest
Author: Ellen Meeropol
Published: 2011
Pages: 211
Genre: Literary Fiction
Rating: 3/5

Home-care nurse Emily Klein can’t get out of her new assignment – weekly prenatal visits to Pippa Glenning, a young cult member under house arrest for the death of her daughter during a Solstice ceremony. But Emily takes her work seriously and plays by the rules, so she is determined to take good care of her high-profile and unconventional patient.

With two other cult members in prison, Pippa Glenning struggles to keep the household intact. If she follows the rules of her house arrest, she may be allowed to keep her baby; but as the pregnant woman in the family it’s her duty to dance for Isis at the upcoming winter Solstice ceremony. To escape the house arrest without being caught, Pippa needs Emily’s help. (via Goodreads)

Why I read this book: I read the book for a reading challenge through Books On the Nightstand

Thoughts: I found the book to be a bit dry at times, which made this a challenging read for me.  Found that only one of the characters to be at all interesting and I honestly didn't like how the book ended, which was ambiguous at best.  Thought that the book just sort of ended and there was nothing to indicate as to what happened to Pippa and her baby.  My heart just wasn't the book, probably because the main narrative jumped around so much and there wasn't a single narration to the book or even what felt like a single thread to the book.  Maybe I just expected too much out of the book.

8243 / 15000 pages. 55% done!


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