Sunday Salon - Its finally summer

The weather has finally turned for the better and its finally feeling like summer and will likely stay that way for the most least that is what I am hoping for.  And that means more books will be read, hopefully.  But this weekend is going to be set aside for my dad, who after 30+ years as a teacher has retired and we as a family are celebrating the occasion.  If you think he is going to be sitting idly by, he won't be.  He'll be working for a family member doing construction in another place for at least the next year.

Back to the weather, its funny how grey skies and rainy weather can ruin a reader's mood.  Usually by this time of year I have gotten into my reading groove, but for some reason I haven't.  While the weather is partly to blame, I also blame it on the fact that I have gotten addicted to my tweetdeck, which I downloaded a year ago this coming September.  But I do plan on spending a lot time reading this coming summer and a lot less time offline.  Hope that wherever you are have a good, relaxing weekend, whether it be in the US and Canada, where I am hoping you are enjoying the long weekend, or elsewhere, just enjoying the pleasant weather.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts...I, too, feel more like reading during some weather more than others...although, IMO, rainy days are good for reading.

Hot days are good, too, if I'm inside with air conditioning.

It's always summer where I live; now we're inching into the hot summer which comes just before the really hot summer.

Today I rant about the difficulties of trying to find copies of all 1001 books in my Sunday Salon post, Sunday Salon: I Have Trouble Reading Children's Books. Perhaps you will have some good ideas for me! And, as a reminder, I also have my Readerbuzz July Giveaway going on: a $25 Amazon gift card! It's international!
I'm not doing very well with my reviews lately, and seem more easily distracted by nice weather. Hope your weekend has been great.

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