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Miz B asks this week:

Do you think it makes you NOT (or less) “well-read” if there are certain genres that you won’t read because you KNOW you won’t enjoy them? Why?

The short answer for me is no.  The reason that I think this is that I read enough variety that I can probably say that I am well read.  I realize that it is only a matter of how one views what it means to be well-read.  While I think it is important to read a variety of genres and to experience them and understand how they are used, I think it is also important to realize that people who read on a regular basis usually do read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.  I do feel that sometimes I should read more fantasy and dystopian fiction, but honestly I don't really care for it, especially dystopic fiction as I feel that when you have read one you have basically read them all.  While there are differences in how the authors have written their books, they basically have the same sort of format.  I am not saying that dystopian fiction shouldn't exist, I am saying that I don't prefer it and would rather not read it, as I find it a little too depressing for my liking.


Anonymous said…
I have a really hard time reading non-fiction.

Here's my answer:
caite said…
it all comes down to how you define 'well read' doesn't it?
but that being said, I think a lot of the "classics" are just really, really good stories and we should not skip them just because we don't 'have' to read them like we did in school.
Vicki said…
Good answer! I agree!

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