Harry Potter 2011 Book Challenge

Daemon's Books is hosting the Harry Potter 2011 Book Challenge. He writes:

[...]since this year also marks the complete end of the Harry Potter series with the 8th and final movie coming out on July 15, we thought this was the perfect time to relive the entire series one more time to get ready for the final chapter.
Participants will read books 1-7 (one book a month) and are encouraged to join in discussion over at Daemon's Books.

There will be monthly giveaways, including one BIG giveaway at the end of the challenge.
Daemon’s Books is also partnering with its sister site, Daemon’s Movies, which will be hosting its own Harry Potter movie challenge in parallel. You can find all the information for the Daemon’s Movies Harry Potter challenge here. Feel free to participate in both challenges or just the one that appeals to you.

Visit the post about the challenge to get the book schedule.

How To Participate:
Each month:
Step 1: Read the assigned book for that month (see schedule on the post about the challenge)
Step 2: Write a review or opinion piece about the book on either your blog or any of the accepted places listed on the post about the challenge:
Step 3: Starting February 1, 2011 and at the beginning of each subsequent month there will a post up for you to share links to your reviews, opinion pieces or to write comments (designated comment section) on Daemon's Books. This will count as proof of your participation.
Note: Each proof of participation will give you one entry into the final big giveaway. There will be only one entry per book (no multiple entries even if you put multiple links). That means that if you complete the challenge from beginning to end and provide proof of your participation for each book you will have 7 entries.
Deadline to join: The deadline to join is August 1st, 2011.
Get more information and sign up by visiting the post about the challenge.


Liz said…
I just signed up for this challenge. Thanks for posting! I was already planning to read one HP book each month anyway, so it worked out perfectly!

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