Sunday Salon - Short and sweet

I realize that this is going up later than most of the other posts, but better later than never.

For whatever reason, I have started to get back into my blogging routine.  Maybe its because I finally feel comfortable into my blogging routine or its just that I miss writing here. Its also that the last little while hasn't been as busy as July was.

While I didn't get any books completed, I am starting to get back into my reading routine a little more, which means that I'll probably finish something sooner rather than later.

I did a bunch of posting this past week on the blog including a bunch of memes and reviews for Ella Enchanted and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

If you wish to view the stuff that I posted last week, you can go to the main page and view the stuff posted from last week.

As for my plans for this coming week, I am hoping to do the same memes plus a few more book reviews and also linking up them reviews with the various challenges I am involved with for the coming year.


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