Sunday Salon - A bit of everything: #boutofbooks update, #BtHreadathon books, and so forth

Today's post is a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff, so bear with me.

First off, the Bout of Books Readathon isn't going so well for me.  I finished To Kill A Mockingbird and that was all about I really read for the week, even though I have a quite a bit to read.  But I know that there are going to be other readathons coming up and I will be able to get books done and that this is a stress-free readathon.  I did start reading Go Set A Watchman and so far the book is okay (I'm only 2 chapters in and every now and then you can hear Reese Witherspoon's southern accent come through, although you really heard Sissy Spacek's more clearly during To Kill).  I don't know why I didn't read as much as I had hoped to, but I think it just amounted to the fact that I was concentrating on one book and I felt really tired at times during the readathon).

As for Beat the Heat Readathon, this one might be a bit more successful, just due to the length of it, being 2 weeks instead of 1.  So here are the books that I plan on working on are for Beat the Heat are:

• Go Set a Watchman (my dad wants to read this and would like to get it done by Thursday)
• The Odyssey
• Letters to the Lost

And these are maybes:
• Jacob Have I Loved
• The Book of Life

As for me not blogging this past week, it was just a busy week and I anytime I remembered to blog, it was too late for something or other and I didn't really have the energy to blog this week, but hopefully I will have more energy this week to blog.

Now I will get off my computer and start doing some reading.  See you next week!


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