Sunday Salon - Reviews going forward

I know that what I am going to say is not exactly earth shattering, but going forward I am not going to be keeping track of pages read for the books I have read.  The reasons being is that (a) I don't know how many of my readers really care about how many pages I have read to date, (b) it takes away from the review itself, and possibly most importantly (c) I have gotten so far behind on my reviews for this year that with the galley that I have to review it will become a problem.

I will still give the number of pages or the file size of the book that I have read when I give the information for the the book, but with the coming review of the galley that I have to review this coming week, this will become a problem.

As for my reading, it was pretty good this past week.  I finished Hausfrau and A Hundred Summers and made a lot of progress on Travelling to Infinity.  And even though I brought quite a number of books with me on my vacation, I still managed to buy one while I was in a store yesterday.   I also worked a lot on my copy Secret Garden and if you are interested in what I am doing there, you can follow me through my personal Facebook page to see my colouring progress.  I may post some of my photos for Wordless Wednesday or Snapshot Saturday or Sunday Salon, but if you wish to see the progress of my colouring books (yes I do plan on getting the next books in the series), you will have to follow me through my personal Facebook page or my Instagram account.

Today's reading will include Alchemy's Daughter (galley) and Travelling through Infinity.  Happy reading.


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