High Summer Read-a-Thon

One of the bloggers that I have followed for a number of years is hosting her annual High Summer Read-a-Thon.  Its a relaxing read-a-thon that only requires that you read during the days of the read-a-thon.  And if you do want to participate, that you sign up, especially if you want a bookish prize (usually a book, either in e-book format or in a traditional paper format).  If you wish to participate, you can sign up here

Here is my list of to-reads for the read-a-thon:
• Alchemy's Daughter (galley for a review tour that I am participating in and has to be up on the 22nd).
• Travelling to Infinity
• probably one of the e-books I have checked out.

I think I will put up a nightly post with my reading for the day, as best I can (I may have some days in which I can't post much).


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