First Chapter - First Paragaph(s) - Tuesday Intros; Teaser Tuesdays (May 26)

This is my choice for this week:

First published 1928

We are at rest five miles behind the front.  Yesterday we were relieved, and now our bellies are full of beef and haricot beans.  We are satisfied and at peace.  Each man has another mess-tin full for the evening; and, what is more, there is a double ration of sausage and bread.  That put a man in fine trim.  We have not had such luck as this for a long time.  The cook with his carroty head is begging us to eat; he beckons with his ladle to every one that passes, and spoons him out a great dollop.  He does not see how he can empty his stew-pot in time for coffee.  Tjaden and Müller have produced two washbasins and had them filled up to the brim as a reserve.  In Tjaden this is voracity, Müller it is foresight.  Where Tjaden puts it all is a mystery, for he is and always will be as thin as a rake. - pg. 1& 2

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