Sunday Salon - Right Now (3/23/2014)

Time: 1:41 pm Pacific
Place: Not my usual spot
Listening to: the latest podcast of Hear...Read This
Eating: Just finished having some lunch, so I am a tad full.
Watching: Kentucky vs. Wichita St. (March Madness)
Reading: Well after this is posted I am planning on going through a pile of books (there are about 6 of them)
Making: Nothing at the moment
Planning: What book to start reading after I posted this (although I do know what I do want to read after I post this)
Feeling: Like I just want to sit and watch and read and listen for the rest of the afternoon.
Loving: That I still have another week of Spring Break
Wanting: To get the single "Skyfall" and the album "21" by Adele
Thinking: Nothing really at the moment.
Looking forward to: Spring Bloggiesta

1) Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (review)


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