Sunday Salon - A busy week of reading

I had a very good week of finishing and reviewing books, mostly finishing books.

For whatever reason, I was able to just sit down and finish books, but I suppose library books coming due and having to finish up a book for my book club meeting for Saturday helped things along.  It just felt good that I was able to complete a few books that needed to be completed.  But looking at the list of books I had hoped to at least read this week, it wasn't that great, but I am not getting going to get too hung up on that and I will move forward.

Due to a some late nights the last few days, I am still feeling a tad groggy and have finally started the process of "catching up" on my sleep and feel a little better rested and will probably impact how much I read in the next few days.

Books reviewed:
• The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton (review)

Books finished and reviewed:
• Relish by Lucy Knisley (review)

Books finished, but not reviewed:
• Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
Labor Day by Joyce Maynard

Books I hope to finish this week:
• The Reason I Jump
• Somewhere in France

Hope you have a good rest of the day and I will talk next week, hopefully.


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