Sunday Salon - My reading week

My week was okay, considering how lousy I felt a couple days ago.  I suppose perspective and time can change one's outlook, but with summer coming to an end I really want to get back to work, as I am feeling a bit tired of just sitting around.    And as a result this impacted my reading.  I had planned on getting a bunch of books done, but was really only able to get a few books worked on and a couple completed during the week.  Maybe I was waiting for something to happen and when it didn't, I was a tad disappointed.  And when I get a tad disappointed, I seem to get into a lull for a bit.

But the lull didn't last long and I was able to read a good portion of The Winter's Rose, which I am enjoying just as much as The Tea Rose, if not more so due to the fact that there are more storylines to anticipate than just the one main storyline in The Tea Rose.   I also picked up a few books from the library, one of which I am going to return because I really honestly have changed my opinion of the individual that the book focuses on (a few years ago, I wouldn't have such a negative point of view of the individual, but since certain things have allegedly come to light in the last year, I really don't think much of the person).  This week I also managed to sit down and watch True Grit (the 2010 film version) and really liked it all over again.  This version more clearly mirrors the book than the John Wayne version did 40 years ago.

Reading this week:
True Grit
The Winter Rose
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Reviews this week:
The American Heiress
Sing You Home


Alyce said…
I own The Tea Rose and am looking forward to reading it, but I've been holding off because I know that once I get into it I'll want to read the whole series at once. Maybe I'll save it for rainy nights this winter. :)
Did you like True Grit?? The newer movie version is almost exactly the same as the book, and unfortunately I had watched the movie first. I was bored throughout the book, but I would have liked it a lot more if I hadn't known what was going to happen. I also just started the Harry Potter series. I'm actually through Goblet of Fire. Hope you're enjoying them! Off to check out your review for Sing You Home :o)

Mickey @ imabookshark

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