Booking Through Thursday - Anticipation

Booking through Thursday asks this week:
What’s the last book you were really EXCITED to read?
And, were you excited about it in advance? Or did the excitement bloom while you were reading it?
Are there any books you’re excited about right NOW?

The last book that I was excited to read was The Tea Rose.  I think I was sort of excited to read the book, but it did bloom while I was reading it. I don't know if I am excited about what I am currently reading.


Niina said…
I wasn't too interested in my current read either so I went to re-read my favorite for the third time. ;)
New follower. :)
I am anxiously waiting to read Tea Rose, there are so many out there to be excited about.

here's mine:
LibrarySnake said…
Sounds like a good one :)

Here's mine:
Vicki said…
Hope your current read gets better for you.
Here's Mine

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