Musing Mondays

Miz B asks this week:

Do you like looking at other people's bookshelves?

Yes.  I am always curious as to what people have read or are reading.  Of course people sometimes put the books they are actually reading somewhere private and not out in the open, like a bedroom.  A bookshelf can also tell you if they have actually read the books they have purchased or if they just like to collect books.


Arlee Bird said…
I'll bet that most people who tuck away books in bedrooms and such don't do it to hide them away, but do it because of space issues or aesthetics. We have books in nearly every room of our house because there are so many. I'd love to have one room set aside as a library.

Tossing It Out
caite said…
well, I have some in my bedroom, so they are handy for sleepytime reading. Not hiding them per se.
those I keep somewhere
Melissa said…
@Arlee Bird I realize that, but some people don't want to have everything out in the open. I have my books in my walk in due to storage issues and the fact that my second bedroom is full just with a queen size bed in it, otherwise, I would have my books in there.

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