Sunday Salon - Journalist responsibilty

This past week was a bad week for me other Canucks fans.  Not only did the Canucks get out scored by the Bruins this week, some morons decided that it was time to trash the city again for several hours. But then the comments/articles about the Canucks being dirty, divers, etc came out and it, for a better lack of a word, pissed me off.  Granted most of the media covering the Stanley Cup Finals were from out east and hadn't exactly watched a lot of Canucks games, but when you call out players and say that they basically don't deserve the captaincy, etc., then maybe you should question your own integrity.  I understand that journalists have their own biases when they go and write/say something, they bring their biases with them.  But when you, as a journalist, go out and deliberately show your biases, you have no right calling yourself a journalist, whether it be through radio, print, TV, or the internet.  Sure you can bring your passion and your interests and I may disagree with your opinions, but don't come out and blantely disregard the talent of individual athletes nor their passion.  Sure they may break down and are pissed off when they don't win the championship trophy, but don't say they are weaklings because they break down.  Remember they are human and that you would probably do the same; they have worked hard to come to this place.

Also, when you go and dis a team, do so in an ethical way.  Don't go and do what Dan Tercer of 630 CHED in Edmonton did the day after the Canucks lost the SCF.


I get very frustrated with bias in media. I know it's difficult to remain unopinionated but that's why we pay media mavens the big bucks, right?

Here's my Sunday Salon.
Melissa said…
@Deb I agree and I do realize that is where the opinions come from, but to be so blatantly biased against one side or the other doesn't speak of professionalism. I heard of another journalist in Edmonton who took a similar view, but wasn't as biased. It seems that some people enjoy kicking people when they are still down and I realize that my following of the Canucks does put a bit of taint the blog post, but there were plenty of Edmonton fans who were just as critical of the guy who posted the blog.
I also dislike the tendency of the media to sensationalize almost everything they "report," to the point that it seems as though they are enjoying the downfall of others.

Ooh, don't even get me started!


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