Booking Through Thursday - Own or Borrow?

This week Booking through Thursday asks:
   All things being equal (money, space, etc.), would you rather own copies of the books you read? Or borrow them?

Interesting question.  Personally, I would probably borrow the books I read primarily because it takes me so long to get around to the books that I actually do own and because unless I really want to own the book, I would just rather borrow.


I love checking out everyone's answers. So different!

Here is my BTT.
Pepca said…
I mostly borrow books, too.

My BTT post.
Anonymous said…
i commend all of the people who are able to stick to borrowing! I don't shop a lot for clothes or shoes so my one weakness is book buying. Sigh...
Sally said…
I’m a big re-reader so I like to own my books.
I like doing both.
I do selective hoarding NOW! I already own more than 2500 books!

Here is my BTT: Own or Borrow post!
Shirley said…
I really like the picture you included for the meme! Very nice!

Here's my BTT:
Booking Through Thursday
Anonymous said…
Hmm... why do you not get around to reading the books you do own? seems a pity, since you already own them :)

Here's my Own or Borrow? (Booking Through Thursday) post!

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