Bad week

I know when I have had a bad week when I haven't read a lot. It seems that whenever I am having a bad day that I can hardly focus on a book and that whatever is bugging me bugs me even more when I am reading. Sometimes it happens when I am watching TV, but usually helps with the distraction and I can more likely forget about what is bugging me. It seems that while I love to read, I seem to be more distracted with my problems when reading and that bugs me. That happened to me a few times this past week and I just couldn't concentrate on what I was reading and was more concerned about whatever was bothering me. And trust me it was bad week and hopefully these will be few and far between.

And if you are interested, I am hosting a readathon in a month's time. If you are interested, you can find the sign up by clicking the button for the read-a-thon underneath my profile. I hope you are able to join. :)


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