A few days ago, I was looking around for some free audiobooks. For those that don't know, I am on disability and therefore on a limited income and need to find ways to save money. And while I love reading books, I also love listening to podcasts, primarily ones on books and sports.

So back to finding free audiobooks. While my library system has a way of getting free audiobooks, one can't always have them when I want to. So through a google search or a mention of something on a blog, I went to LibriVox and found a wealth of books that were available for free download. While the books that are available are only ones that are in the public domain, they are a good option for those that want to listen to a audiobook rather than pay everytime you want an audiobook.

You can find them here. Enjoy!


J.T. Oldfield said…
Hi! I wanted to stop by and say that the November Novella Challenge is back. I hope you'll join us again this year!
Trish said…
I've recently started perusing LibriVox--I just listened to part of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the narrator was quite good. I have heard, though, that some of the narrators are kind of lousy or that they'll switch in longer books.

I see you're reading Persepolis. I hope you like it--I loved it!

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