The White Queen

I requested this book with absolutely knowledge as to what the book was about and simply because of the author and also because I had seen the book in a local bookstore and also because I didn't want to spend the $34 CDN for the hardcover and for a book that I probably wouldn't pick up for at least a year or more.

In any case, I really enjoyed it. What I liked about the book was that not only was it very lyrical, but I found it rather enjoyable, especially since it is about a period in English history that was filled with upheaval. I have no prior knowledge of the period about the War of the Roses, except that it was fought between the Houses of York and Lancaster and that it involved a family called the Pastons. So basically I went into this book with very little knowledge of this period of English history and having not read any of Gregory's books.

But after reading this book over the past 2 weeks has made me want to know more about this period of English history and I can't seem to find anything that is worth reading from this time period. I would love to know more about this particular Queen Elizabeth and her role in English history.

So basically I was driven by the fact that I wasn't willing to spend the money for the book and I can't wait for the next book in the series, which apparently is called the White Princess, at least that is what I have read that is going to be, but I could be wrong.

I really liked the book and if you like historical fiction and like Greggory's writing style, I would highly recommend it. I haven't read any of her other books, but that being said, its a good book and is something that is good for the ride home on the bus/train/subway or for a period of time that you have a lot of time to read.


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