24 Hour Readathon - First Update #readathon

As I write this, it is almost noon on the west coast of North America and coming upon Hour 8 of the readathon, I believe.  I manage to read for the first hour, starting at 5 am, but at about 6 am I couldn't stay awake and needed some much needed sleep.  So I did and slept until about 10.  While I am still a bit tired, I managing to get through Bone and have read quite a bit of the book.

During the 3 hours of my time reading, I have read about 300 pages and seem to read more each hour.  I am also going to donate $2 for every hour that I read to my local food bank.  The reason being is that they have had some financial trouble and aren't getting the donations that they usually get at this time of year and I felt it would be the best bang for my buck and a good way of helping out my community.

Next update should be in a few hours.  Happy reading!


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