#boutofbooks Day 3 Progress

Bout of Books

Wednesday was a bit busier than I anticipated and wasn't exactly able to do as much reading as I wanted, but I did read late and was reading until about 2 am, so was able to get some reading in that way.  I was also able to get some more reading done after I had come home from doing my library rounds, but due to having to make dinner for myself and feeling tired later on in the evening, I didn't get much done after chatting with some amazing people about books, etc.

I was able to finish reading The Bear in the wee hours of the morning and read a bit more of A Tale of Two Cities for day 3 total of 113 pages, which is down from what I read the previous two days, but considering I haven't been able to read much in the last couple of days.  I have a 3 day total of 391, giving me about 609 pages left to read.  I am hoping that the next few days I can get a bit more read, which I hope won't be too much of an issue.

Thursday is looking a lot less busy and I am anticipating getting a bit more done.


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