Sunday Salon - Right now (4/20/2014)

Time: 11:19 am
Place: In the living room
Listening to: Talking History: The Italian Unification (Venice 3 - The Road to Hell)
Eating: Nothing at present; ate breakfast about an hour or so ago, but am feeling a tad peckish
Watching: Flyers vs Rangers Game 2
Reading: I am planning on finishing up Vol. 1 of The Mysteries of the Udolpho and Princess Elizabeth's Spy
Making: Nothing
Planning: What I am going to do tomorrow (I have tomorrow off as well)
Feeling: A bit groggy
Loving: That the weather is looking better than it has been
Wanting: An update as what podcasts are updating today (I am not up to date with the podcasts that usually download on Sundays; wish I knew if they were going to be)
Thinking: A bunch of stuff
Looking forward to: To doing a bunch of reading tomorrow

Books finished but not reviewed:
The Orenda by Joseph Boyden

Books I hope to finish this week:
• HHhH
Princess Elizabeth's Spy

Plans for Spring 24-hour readathon:
• Boxers by

I am hoping to post the update to the changes to my library next week, but knowing that it probably will be a final post for Dewey's 24-hour readathon, I will probably push it back for a couple weeks.


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