Sunday Salon - A bit of set back

Unless you follow me on Facebook through my personal Facebook account, you probably have no clue what I mean by my title.  So I'll explain.

As some of you know, I severely sprained my left ankle this past August and for the past few months, I have been avoiding walking much to allow my ankle to heal and within the last two weeks, it had started to feel a bit better and hence I started to use a bit more by walking and taking the bus places rather than my car.  And this past week I decided to walk to the bus loop at my local mall starting on Monday.  Monday was great and everything went fine and I had no issues.  Tuesday I took the car, as I was slowly introducing my ankle to more walking but so far it felt fine, so I decided to walk to the bus loop the next day, Wednesday.  And as I was walking to Starbucks to get my morning coffee, I had a vision of my slipping on the path that I like to take down to the bus loop area and decided to shake it off because I thought it was nothing.  Little did I know how true it would become.  So as I was going through this path, I slipped and somehow I twisted my left ankle.  I have slipped there before and done the same thing with my left ankle and I was able to shake it off and go on my way, but this time I was unable to do so and I re-injured my ankle.  Fortunately I have a good set of lungs and somebody saw me slip and I was able to get some help and within 30 min I was in an ambulance on my way to emergency.

Sat around the ER for about 3 hours before getting a diagnosis of a sprained ankle and here I am sitting with my left ankle wrapped up, still a bit sore (not as bad as it was in August), and elevated for the next few weeks.  I have been up and around doing things, as I have the aid of crutches and my mom who came a bit earlier than she intended to help me out for a bit.  As my mom said, its a set back, but not much of one and since I know what to do when one has a sprained ankle, I am a bit more patient and little more willingness to sit around and let it heal a bit more properly this time.

Fortunately the swelling is also going down more quickly this time around, as I can move my foot a bit more than in August at around the same time, but I feel as though the pain is a lot more sharp than what it was in August, but then I am not popping Advil as much this time around and trying to avoid taking pain medication as much as possible and trying to ice it as much as I can.

As I mentioned above, I have been able to get a bit of reading in and about an hour ago, I finished reading The Good Earth by Pearl Buck (I'll put up a review sometime later this week) and I started a few Christmas reads for the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon that is taking place this weekend. 

Hope you all have a good Sunday and happy reading :)


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