Christmas Spirit Readathon wrap up #csreadathon

To say the least it was a bit of a bust.  True I did manage to finish two books during the readathon, but only one was Christmas-themed and that one was basically finished and the other book that I finished was very close to completion.  It was a weekend that I ended up with little time to read, at least on Saturday.  And by Sunday, I really didn't feel like reading much.

I realize that this was supposed to be a "relaxed" readathon, but honestly when I only really have a couple of days of reading available to me, I kinda feel gipped, especially when I have other things going on.  And I realize that is the nature of life.  And I suppose one can only just roll with the punches and hope that the next time is better.  Till next year, hopefully.

Books read and completed:
• I Am Half-Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley (review)
• Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (review)


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