Musing Monday (Feb. 18)

This week, Miz B at Should Be Reading asks:

Tell us what you are reading right now.

At the moment I am reading a number of classics.  They aren't short by any chance but are all over 300 pages.  I am finding The Hobbit the one that I seemingly the least interested in, although the reader that I am listening to for Crime and Punishment isn't exactly me feel enthralled with the book either (the reader has a rather thick eastern European accent).

Even though it is a long book, I am really enjoying War and Peace and liking the fact that each of parts within the books are fairly short and are only about 100 pages. I know some of you may be intimidated by the length of the book, but I think its a book that can clearly be tackled.  And the chapters within each part are only a few pages long.


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