Time to Relax read-a-thon

Good morning.  Hope you had a great sleep and are waiting to go.  I realize that this post is a little late.  I had a late night due to the fact that I watched TV a little too late last night.  Anyways, for those that have started, I hope you are snuggled with your favourite books somewhere in your home.   I am going to send some money to the local Christmas Bureau sometime this week and then the week before Christmas Bureau bring down something to their offices (probably a game of somesort).  Hope you are having fun.


Hi Melissa, I had a late night too! Have a slightly busy day today because going to the new apartment to measure so as to configure how we're going to arrange all our stuff next week...LOL! I am going to be donating a toy to our local toy drive, which I believe is Toys for Tots. Happy reading!

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