Sunday Salon - A busy week

Last week was a busy one for me, as it seemed that every day from Monday through Saturday I had something up.  In a lot of ways that was good, but with that I was unable to get a lot of reading done, even though I did finish the final book in the Harry Potter series and a short book called Ru.

A small part of my week was taken up with a conference that was held at my church on Friday evening and all day Saturday and yes, I attended the whole thing.  If you are wondering, it was an apologetics conference.  There were two sessions that were quite fascinating, but of those two, it was the final group session on Saturday afternoon on C. S.  Lewis.  Being a reader and a person that enjoys intellectual endevours, I really enjoyed the talk; it also helped that the speaker, Dr. Louis Markos, was an engaging speaker (the speakers that I heard were all were good speakers, but felt that Dr. Markos was probably the most engaging speaker of the weekend).

As for Sunday, I am planning on resting and catching up on my reading and getting some cleaning done (my PVR and by taking things down to the garbage and doing some other chores and cleaning out my email boxes a bit) and if the weather cooperates, go for a short walk in my neighbourhood; I don't really feel like driving tomorrow.  I might work on some book reviews. After being around people basically since Monday, I need a break and some quiet.

Hope you all have a pleasant day, doing whatever you end up doing.


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