Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Bear - Claire Cameron

Title: The Bear
Author: Claire Cameron
Pages: 221
Published: 2014
Challenges: I Love Libraries, Blogger Summer Reading
Genre: Fiction, Canadian Fiction, Contemporary, Literary, Suspense/Thriller
Edition: Paperback
Source: Library

Description: While camping with her family on a remote island, five-year-old Anna awakes in the night to the sound of her mother screaming. A rogue black bear, three hundred pounds of fury, is attacking the family's campsite -- and pouncing on her parents as prey.

At her dying mother's faint urging, Anna manages to get her brother into the family's canoe and paddle away. But when the canoe runs aground on the edge of the woods, the sister and brother must battle hunger, the elements, and a wilderness alive with danger. Lost and completely alone, they find that their only hope resides in Anna's heartbreaking love for her family, and her struggle to be brave when nothing in her world seems safe anymore. (from Goodreads)

Thoughts: Prior to reading this book, I had seen a review or two, which piqued my interest in the book.  And when I was able to sit down with the book and read it, I basically ripped through the book and could really feel the intensity of the kids trying to get help.  It took me a couple times to read the beginning to understand what exactly happened.  But once I had gotten through the first pages of the book (basically got myself launched into the book), I was able to get swept into the rhythm of the book and felt like I was right there with the two kids.

Bottom line: If you were a fan of Room by Emma Donoghue, you will probably enjoy this read, as it had that same sort of frenetic pace that Room had.  Highly Recommended.

Rating: 4.25/5

Pages for 2014: 9661

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