Mini Bloggiesta

This is my first Mini Bloggiesta and I am looking forward to it.  I have a number of things that need to get done that I have held off on doing for the past few weeks.  Here is my list:

write four book reviews.  I have thoughts down on paper but haven't transferred them to my blog as of yet.
• my starting post for the High Summer Readathon (just needed to sign-up; starting post goes up tomorrow)
• my July post for The Classics Club.  I have been dragging my heals on this one for a few weeks and I need to get it written and posted
• go through my book reviews from this past year and tag them properly and to also get them linked up into my book review tab
• write my Sunday Salon post and not apologize for not writing for awhile. 

And I hoping to do this while thinking of hanging in the sunshine and the pool at the resort I am staying at.


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