#Readathon - Update No. 6

As I write this, it is about 9 pm Pacific and I have been at this since about 5 am.  Like I was feeling this afternoon, I am starting to feel a little tired, but I think that with the end finally in sight  (its about 8 hours away), I think I can make it.  After I finish this post I am going to start a book and will actually finish it.  Granted the book is about 150 pages long and the podcast I downloaded is about 3 and a half hours long.  I do plan on making something to eat in a few hours, after I have finished that particular book (or even as I finish it).

My page count up until this point is 277 and no books finished, although I have gotten quite a bit done in each of the 3 books I have tackled throughout the day.


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