Sunday Salon - 24 #readathon post-mortem

Due to circumstances that were beyond my control,  I was unable to conduct Dewy's 24 readathon in what I consider a proper reading area.  So I spent most of the readathon while traveling, which actually was great because I was able to get a lot of reading done due to the lack of distractions available to me; basically no TV or videos were available for me to use during the day nor did I have other things I would do while at home.

Anyways,  I read three books during the readathon.  I read the section of Wuthering Heights for the Unputdownables readalong, about 6.5 hours worth of Les Miserables (which got Vol. 3 of the book completed for me), and a little over half-way through Book 4 of Anna Karenina completed.  Overall, I am pretty pleased with what I was able to complete during the course of the readathon and am looking forward to April, when I hope that I will be able to finally do the 24 hours...

Got only one review done this past week, but not the book I completed on Friday evening.

1) A Farewell to Arms (review)


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