What's on Your Nightstand - March 27

The last two weeks have been somewhat busy with family and such and as a result I haven't been able to get much reading done (I have been also catching up with my TV shows from the last few weeks as well).  I think I am also getting bogged down with my readalongs and not reading much of the stuff that I do want to read.  I suppose it doesn't help that my primary e-reader is unavailable at the moment (I have two devices, one that I got from my parents and the other I purchased) and therefore I haven't been reading much.  But things can change and its quite possible that in the next few days I will be reading on a regular basis again.  But considering the lackluster month, I did get a number of books done and I am hoping that a number of books will be completed in the coming week.

1.  Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman (review)
2. The Great Gatsby (review)
3. Madame Tussuad (review)
4. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (review)
5. Sarah's Key (review)
6. Macbeth (review)
7. Death Comes to Pemberley (review)
8. The Hunger Games (review)

And considering everything, it was a pretty good month and I hope that next month is just as productive.


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